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  Looking for a professional data recovery service at a very inexpensive price? My specialty is the home and business user. You can be sure that your sensitive lost data will be safe, because I will personally handle every data recovery job that comes into my data recovery service. Your hard drive will not be shipped out to second or third party middlemen.
 Over 25 years of experience in the data recovery, consumer electronics, computer hardware and software field. Specializing in Macintosh and Windows Data Recovery. Experienced on all major brands of hard drives including: Western Digital, Seagate, Maxtor, Hitachi, IBM, Samsung, Toshiba, Fujitsu and others.
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                                                                           Reasons to try my Data Recovery Service
                                                                1. Honest & Polite Service is only a click away  -  Click here 
                                                                2. Safety - All recovery is performed on site and not shipped out.
                                                                3. No charge for the hard drive evaluation and estimate. No recovery - No Fee
                                                                4. I specialize in Apple - Macintosh & Windows data recovery.
                                                                5. Flat rate pricing for all recovery levels - No hidden fees
                                                                6. Personalized Service - Every customer is referenced by name, not a number.
                                                                7. All levels of data recovery - Hard Disk & Solid State SSD Drive Recovery 
                                                                8. Your data will be recovered with the latest data recovery equipment available
                                                                9. Class 100 Clean Room
                                                               10. Multiple ways to pay. Visa, Master Charge, American Express, Discovery, PayPal
Reasons for Logical Data Loss
      Intermittent Power Loss  ~  
Corrupted Data  ~  Bad Partition / Fat Table ~ Inaccessible Disk Drive  ~  Viruses / Spyware      
                 Deletion of Data or Partition  ~ Application Won't Load  ~  Reformatting Hard Drive   ~  Reinstalled or Corrupted Windows

Logical Data Loss: If your hard drive has failed for any of the above reasons, I can most likely recover your lost data. Hard drive technology has
    advanced to the point where 1 TB hard drives can now be purchased for around $100.00 or less. Logical hard drive failures are the cause of              more than 60% of the data loss.                                                                                                                                                                                                     

  Mechanical or physical hard drive failures occur about 40% of the time or less. Since this type of failure is rare, most recovery jobs will only require
  Logical Data Recovery. When mechanical or physical recovery is needed, a clean room is required to make the repair, before recovery can begin. A typical full size clean room, can run $50,000 - $100,000 or more. My recovery service utilizes a Class 100 mini clean room for physical hard drive repairs.

    Something to Think About: Since my data recovery service does not carry the overhead and expense of a large data recovery lab, I can pass along
 the savings to my customers. My solution for Physical Data Recovery, when required, is a Class 100 portable clean room. It provides the same
 clean environment as a full size clean room, but with less expense. This results in lower logical and physical recovery fees.                                                          

 Symptoms can be very misleading. A hard drive that may not be recognized by the computers bios, may only require firmware repair and may not have a mechanical or physical failure. If the hard drive does have a mechanical or physical failure, you will not be charged a clean room diagnostic fee. I will give you a free estimate, No Recovery - No Fee.                                                                                                                                                                               

  Why pay more: 
High physical recovery fees in excess of $1000.00 or more, are typical for most large data recovery labs. They need to charge high recovery fees to cover the overhead for the expensive advertising, building, clean room and staff. My data recovery service strives to keep costs down and offer a high quality recovery service for less cost. Why pay for their high overhead or more services than you need?                                                    

 Beware of data recovery services that do not state any basic, midlevel or maximum recovery fees or charges on their website. If a basic recovery fee is not clearly stated somewhere on the website, you can be sure, it will be high, usually very high. Don't make the mistake of sending in your hard drive and finding out later that their recovery fees begin around $1,000 or require a non refundable diagnostic fee.                                                                      

  Do It Yourself Recovery Software: A word of caution! Don't make the mistake of using do it yourself data recovery software on a failing hard drive. Doing so, can turn a logical recovery into a physical recovery or worse. Why take the chance of losing your valuable data forever.                                     

                                                                         Data recovery low as $150.00* for recovering an 80 GB hard drive. 

                              * Additional recovery fees will apply for hard drives larger than 80GB. Click here for current prices.

                                The goal of my service is to try to save you money. Why pay more than you need to? 

                                        Don't lose any more sleep over your lost files. Get them back now and rest easy again.

                                          Alan's is your One Stop Macintosh & Windows Data Recovery Solution  Contact me now !

                                                                       Reasons for Mechanical or Physical Data Loss    

                                                                        Head Crash
                                                                        Spindle Motor Failure

                                                                        Lost Servo / Service Track 

                                                                        Extreme Shock

                                                                        Water Damage

                                                                        Fire Damage / Extreme Heat 

                                                                        Power Surge

                                                                        Lightening Damage

 Physical Data Loss: If your your hard drive has experienced one of the above failures, there is a good chance, that I will be able to recover your data with physical recovery methods. It will require the hard drive to be opened and inspected in my clean room and an estimate will be given.
   Unfortunately, this type of recovery will be slightly more expensive than a logical data recovery job.   Most physical recovery jobs will require locating a donor hard drive for parts to make the repair, before the recovery process can begin.
   The time for the recovery, from start to finish, will depend on how long it takes to locate and receive the donor hard drive. Most physical recovery jobs will be completed in about two weeks or less.


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